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AAPPTec Peptide Synthesizers

AAPPTec manufactures a peptide synthesizer for every production scale from research (a few milligrams) to pilot-plant and production (multi-kilogram).


  Focus XC Peptide Synthesizer    
  The Focus XC peptide synthesizer is the latest peptide instrument from AAPPTec. It is a fully automated peptide synthesizer designed for successful solid phase peptide synthesis. Heating and sonication options on the Focus XC peptide synthesizer allow you to synthesize even "difficult" peptides easily in high yield and purity. The versatile Focus XC peptide synthesizer software allows you to utilize special coupling protocols for racemization sensitive amino acids or for difficult couplings. For more information on the Focus XC peptide synthesizer and how it can improve your peptide synthesis success, click here.  
      Focus XC Peptide Synthesizer
      Endeavor 90-III Scale-up Peptide Synthesizer
    The Endeavor 90-III is a scale-up peptide synthesizer excellent for producing synthetic peptides in multigram quantities. The Endeavor 90-III peptide synthesizer is small enough to fit on a laboratory bench top, yet has the capacity to prepare enough peptide for preliminary and Phase I/PhaseII trials. For more information about the advantages the Endeavor 90-III peptide synthesizer can offer you, click here.
  Endeavor 90-III Peptide Synthesizer
  Model 400 Mini-Pilot Plant Peptide Synthesizer    
  The Model 400 is a mini-pilot plant peptide synthesizer capable of large scale production (over 3 kg) of peptide-resin. The Model 400 mini-pilot plant peptide synthesizer prepares pharmaceutical peptides consistently and efficiently. The Model 400 peptide synthesizer is FDA compliant with key-lock access for the cabinets, encrypted password access for each user, an optional 21CRF11 module for digital record keeping, failure detection and battery system in case of power outage. For more information on the Model 400 peptide synthesizer, click here.  
      Model 400 Peptide Synthesizer
AAPPTec has a wide range of peptide instruments for solid phase or solution phase chemisty. Some of AAPPTec's other fine peptide synthesizers include the Apex 396 Parallel Peptide Synthesizer, the Matrix 384 High-Throughput Multiple Peptide Synthesizer, and the Titan 357 Combinatorial Peptide Synthesizer. From semi-automated to fully automated peptide synthesizers, research scale to production scale, AAPPTec peptide synthesizers save you time and aid you to success. To see the complete selection of AAPPTec peptide synthesizers, click here.
AAPPTec provides high quality Fmoc amino acids, Boc amino acids, coupling reagents and peptide synthesis resins for solid phase peptide synthesis. To view AAPPTec's complete line of peptide synthesis reagents, click here.